- Portfolio at Lowy Hamilton Artists

We are beyond devastated that our industry has found itself in these uncertain, worrying & stressful times. Our talented clients are all now struggling to cope with the impact of the Coronavirus and how it has caused mass devastation amongst them. The agency will never fail to support & advise our clients whilst we learn of suspensions, cancellations & updates from production companies,  patching up hearts, as well as our own, along the way.

Happy to hear from 2020 graduates who take the time to write to us for representation and following your unfortunate showcase cancellations we will view all self tapes!

Lowy Hamilton Artists expresses sadness for our country's position and our thoughts and condolences to the victims of Covid-19 & their families. We also express our gratitude to the NHS and all health workers that struggle daily to prevent the spread of the virus and the mental torment they are experiencing. 

Finally, every bursted bubble has a glory and this industry will eventually survive & thrive again. Let's all help to get rid of this wretched virus - please self isolate then we can all bloom again. 

Stay Home Stay Safe.